National Relaxation Day - Relax — after all, it's National Relaxation Day on August 15! Check our page out for all the best ways to get your chill on.

National Relaxation Day 2024 – August 15, 2024

Sometimes, you just have to stop and smell the roses. So, on August 15, we celebrate National Relaxation Day. While you won’t make it far in life without putting your best foot forward, that American work ethic can be a double-edged sword.  It’s hard to avoid burnout without kicking that foot up on an ottoman every now and then!National Relaxation Day gives you a chance to just. say. no.  No, you won’t be braiding Kiki’s hair. No, you don’t feel like cooking Pennywhistle Pasta for the school bazaar. It’s your time to kick back and chill!

When is National Relaxation Day 2024?

Ahhh! What a fine day to sit back and do nothing. On National Relaxation Day on August 15, rest and relaxation is the way to go.

History of National Relaxation Day

National Relaxation Day is celebrated annually on August 15. We thought an adult would have pitched the idea for this holiday, but it was actually Michigan-based Sean Moeller who thought of this day in 1985 when he was nine years old! With an idea like this, we are sure he must have gone on to do many other great things in life.National Relaxation Day is not to be confused with another similar holiday — National Slacker Day. The latter was founded in Britain as a complementary holiday to National Relaxation Day. From 2016 onwards, Moeller has also selected one individual every year who sets an exemplary example for relaxation.  National Relaxation Day advocates chilling out and promotes stress relief through meditation and other relaxation techniques. Managing stress requires relaxation, which leads to a clearer and calmer mind. Relaxation also breeds positivity and better concentration. The hustle and bustle of the daily grind leaves most of us on the verge of burnout, and there just never seems to be enough time to just kick back and relax. Those with a busy schedule look forward to Relaxation Day, even if it’s just to get some headspace. The rule of the day is to avoid doing anything stressful. This is important. Playing video games can be a relaxing activity, but if the video game you are playing is one where you get frustrated, it’s probably not a good idea. A better idea is to spend the day lying in a hammock.

National Relaxation Day timeline

What an Idea!

The idea of relaxation is strengthened when Dr. Edmund Jacobson publishes his medical book, “Progressive Relaxation.”

That’s One Way to Relax

Ferris Bueller takes it easy and skips school in the movie “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.”


Alex Carswell patents the modern stress ball.

Anthem for Relaxing

Mika releases his hit single ‘Relax, Take It Easy.’

National Relaxation Day FAQs

What are five emotional signs of stress?

Depression, anxiety, anger, restlessness, and irritability are the major emotional signs of stress.  

How do I know I am stressed?

Disturbed sleeping patterns, loss of appetite, frequent zoning out, and panicking, are just some of the tell-tale signs of stress.  

How do you relax?

This is subjective and varies from person to person. Breathing exercises, soaking in a warm bath, meditation, listening to soothing music, writing, and physical activity are some of the best ways to relax.

National Relaxation Day Activities

  1. Discover a more laid-back activity

    Ever try yoga or meditation? They're both great ways to relax, but if they're a bit too exotic for you, try a different form of light exercise.

  2. Help someone else relax

    If you're stress-free, someone close to you could probably use some help reaching the same state of mental peace. If they've got a lot on their plate, consider taking on some of their least-liked tasks to help lighten the load.

  3. Make a relaxation schedule

    It might seem counterintuitive, but for many busy people, the only way to ensure that you've got time to relax is to commit to a schedule. Schedule your chill time just like any other appointment. Before you know it, relaxation will become a part of your daily routine.

5 Stress-Busting Facts About Relaxing

  1. Relaxing is healthy

    Your breathing pattern and oxygen levels are affected by stress — relaxing and doing breathing exercises help circulate more oxygen into your bloodstream and have major health benefits.

  2. Music soothes us

    For many people, simply listening to calm music is enough to lower stress levels.

  3. Put ‘relax’ on your to-do list

    A study reported that 40% of people don’t take out time for relaxing, while 45% of people just don’t know how to relax.

  4. There are types to it

    Relaxation is classified under three categories: physical, mental, and transcendental.

  5. Relax, but focus.

    Just a minute or two of relaxing between tasks results in increased focus and concentration.

Why We Love National Relaxation Day

  1. It boosts your mood

    Stress is a killer and it can wreak havoc on your state of mind. Relaxation is a great way to relieve stress and improve your mood.

  2. Get a good night's rest

    Life can get intense. If your day has you feeling nervous, anxious or fearful, sometimes it's hard to fall asleep. Take some time to relax before bed with a glass of milk, a good book or some chamomile tea. Your body will thank you for it in the morning.

  3. It keeps you healthy

    Illness is significantly more common when you're under stress. By getting your chill on, you're also reducing trips to the doctor's office.

National Relaxation Day dates

Year Date Day
2023 August 15 Tuesday
2024 August 15 Thursday
2025 August 15 Friday
2026 August 15 Saturday
2027 August 15 Sunday