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Steven Suptic's Birthday 2025 – February 5, 2025

Steven Suptic, born February 5, 1993, is a YouTuber and vlogger known for his channel “Sugar Pine 7.” His career began with creating videos related to the “Minecraft” game, using the username ‘MlgHwnT.’ His dream has always been to work at Discovery Digital Networks and create a career related to “Minecraft.” At first, he did just that, however, soon after he started posting lifestyle vlogs. He has also been a part of popular YouTube channels such as “SourceFed,” “Boys Only Club” and “Super Panic Frenzy.” Most of the videos on his channel are funny skits involving members of his team. “Bro Threesome,” “Fired from Funhaus,” and “Girlfriend Does My Makeup” is the most popular boards on his channel. He has a considerable number of followers on Instagram and Twitter and uses both platforms to update his fans. We’ll help you celebrate his special day right here.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Steven Suptic



Birth date:

February 05, 1993


31 years, 5 months

Zodiac Sign:



5' 8"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:


Steven Suptic's Social Media:


Steven Suptic, born February 6, 1993, in Illinois, is a YouTuber and vlogger known for his channel “Sugar Pine 7.” Even though his father has appeared in one of his videos, he doesn’t talk much about his parents on social media. Suptic started his YouTube career-making “Minecraft” videos under the username ‘MlgHwnT.’ He and his friend Vince started a series called “Wild Adventures” playing “Minecraft.” He also created a gaming group called “The Bananarine Republic,” consisting of himself, Tim Goulette, his best friend Vince, and Jeffrey Fillman, who went on to collaborate on various projects, including the “Double Jump Podcast.” In addition, the YouTuber also made many “Minecraft” animations for Machinima and his channel. Later, the YouTuber created another channel called “Sugar Pine 7” which got over one million subscribers.Following Bananarine, Suptic moved to Wisconsin to participate in the “BAHMLounge” project. “BAHMLounge” was a sketch channel composed of Steve, “AviatorGaming,” “BigMacHD” and “Burtgasm.” Until Steven moved to pursue different things, they all lived together.The YouTuber moved to California for the ‘Super Panic Frenzy”’ project with his friend Reina Scully. After the project was canceled, Suptic got a job at “Sourcefed.” There he met his ex-fiancée, Alyssa Terry, James DeAngelis, and Autumn Farrell. After SourceFed’s cancellation, the YouTuber started working with his best friend Cib and they started making lifestyle videos. After a while, due to his good relationship with Philip DeFranco, in September 2016 he was rehired as the main presenter of SourceFed. Suptic remained a member of the team until March 2017, when the channel was canceled. His ideas and creativity played an important role in making SourceFed one of the most popular channels of all time. Currently, Suptic is a streamer on Twitch, where he streams “Among Us” gameplay.

Career timeline

The Beginning

The YouTuber's career starts in January 2011 as 'MIgHwnT' and his channel is about the game “Minecraft,” where he makes comments and animations.

The Second Channel

Suptic launches a second channel called “HWNTwo” that has no focus on Minecraft and the YouTuber becomes one of YouTube's most popular players.

“Super Panic Frenzy”

In 2015, the Youtuber starts working with Reina Scully on the “Super Panic Frenzy” channel under the supervision of Philip DeFranco, which features game videos and other content in English and Japanese.

Over One Million Views

On July 13, he releases the video “Bro Threesome” which quickly becomes the most popular video on his channel, garnering over one million views.

Steven Suptic FAQs

Where is Steven Suptic now?

He still lives in L.A. with his friends Cib, James, and Steve’s dog, Littlefoot.

Is Steven Suptic “SUGR?”

Steven Suptic released some music under the alias of SUGR. His debut E.P. “Oh Death” is sweet and catchy.

Did Steven Suptic leave the podcast?

In January 2021, Steven announced on his stream that he was leaving the “Beyond The Pine” podcast.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Rooster

    He was born in the ‘Year of the Rooster’ and those born under this Chinese Zodiac sign are considered observant, practical, analytical, and perfectionist.

  2. Animated series

    To Kill a YouTuber" and "Wild Adventures" are animated series created by him.

  3. Only child

    Suptic has no siblings, and he once said that he was jealous of his friend Benji Blakeway, who had several brothers and sisters.

  4. Affair rumors

    Some of his fans have raised rumors that he had an affair with his longtime friend Reina Scully, however, neither Suptic nor Reina has confirmed these rumors.

  5. Car accident

    In 2017, the YouTuber was involved in a car accident, however, he didn't suffer any injuries.

Why We Love Steven Suptic

  1. He loves dogs

    He has two dogs named Littlefoot and Winnie. The two dogs are very well cared for by the YouTuber, setting an example for its fans.

  2. He has wanderlust

    He is a huge fan of traveling and gastro-tourism! Through his vlogs, his fans can get to know different places.

  3. He’s a funny streamer

    He is a very fun streamer! When he plays "Among Us" he always votes for the wrong person to create a funny situation.

Steven Suptic’s birthday dates

Year Date Day
2023 February 5 Sunday
2024 February 5 Monday
2025 February 5 Wednesday
2026 February 5 Thursday
2027 February 5 Friday