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Travis McElroy's Birthday 2024 – November 8, 2024

Travis Patrick McElroy was born November 8, 1983. He has made a name for himself as a podcaster, a writer and a comedian. His popular podcasts include “My Brother, My Brother and Me,” “Shmanners,” “The Adventure Zone,” and “Can I Pet Your Dog?” Before he became a star, McElroy held a nondescript job as technical director at the Shakespeare Company in Cincinnati. He did this jo for five years before leaving in 2014 to focus on the podcast that was just gaining traction and giving him some serious attention and validity as a podcast host. He has since gone on to take on other projects and we celebrate him for his resilience.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Travis McElroy

Birth date:

November 08, 1983


40 years, 7 months

Zodiac Sign:



5' 7"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1.5 million

Travis McElroy's Social Media:


In 2010, McElroy started the comedy podcast “My Brother, My Brother and Me” with his brothers Justin and Griffin. The podcast was intended to be an advice show for the modern age and was hosted on the Maximum Fun network. Four years later, the McElroy brothers, along with their father Clint McElroy, launched a tabletop R.P.G. podcast titled “The Adventure Zone.” Initially playing “Dungeons & Dragons,” the show moved to other game systems in later seasons but returned to “Dungeons & Dragons” for the third and fourth campaigns. “The Adventure Zone: Balance,” called “Here There Be Gerblins,” was later adapted into a graphic novel with help from artist Carey Pietsch, and was published by First Second Books in 2018. It was followed by three other novels.In 2015 and 2016, McElroy co-hosted the “Can I Pet Your Dog?” with Allegra Ringo and Renee Colvert. McElroy later returned as a guest star for episodes 71 and 81. He also co-hosted the ‘doomsday prepping’ comedy podcast “Bunker Buddies” with Andie Bolt from 2014 to 2018, when he retired from the show and was replaced by Ben Ellis, and “Trends Like These” with former roommate Brent Black and writer Courtney Enlow from 2015 to its conclusion in 2020. Since 2016, he has been co-hosting “Shmanners” with his wife, Teresa. He and his brothers also co-host an annual podcast with Tim Batt and Guy Montgomery, released every Thanksgiving since 2015, called “Til Death Do Us Blart,” where they review the movie “Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2.” The brothers also host the podcast documentary “The McElroy Brothers Will Be In Trolls World Tour,” and it was revealed that they will be making cameo appearances in the film.In 2018, he guest-starred in “Dice, Camera, Action” as part of Stream of Many Eyes, a “Dungeons & Dragons” event promoting the new “Waterdeep” storyline.

Career timeline

The Humble Beginnings

McElroy starts working as a technical director at the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company.

The Move Into Podcasting

Although he still works at the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company, McElroy starts a podcast with his brothers called "My Brother, My Brother and Me.

The Adventure Zone First Arc

In the first arc of the R.P.G. podcast that he was doing with his brothers, McElroy plays Magnus Burnsides, a human fighter.

The Podcast Co-hosting

McElroy hosts the "Shmanners" podcast with his wife.

The Guest Appearance

McElroy returns to "Can I Pet Your Dog?" as a guest host.

Travis McElroy FAQs

Is Travis McElroy in “Supernatural”?

There were rumors that he would participate in season 15, but that didn’t happen.

Do Justin and Travis McElroy share a birthday?

Yes, they do. They were both born on November 8.

What does the name McElroy mean?

It is a form of the Gaelic Mac Giolla Ruaidh, meaning ‘son of the red-haired lad.’

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He is a huge fan of George Lucas

    McElroy has appeared multiple times as a guest on "The George Lucas Talk Show.”

  2. He is a voice actor

    McElroy provides voice commentary for the 2017 video game "100ft Robot Golf" alongside his brothers.

  3. He took a voice role

    In September 2018, McElroy and his brothers confirmed that they would be voicing the character Skyscraper in the animated film "Trolls World Tour," with McElroy also voicing Rock Tear.

  4. He appeared as a guest star

    McElroy had a guest star role as Cutie in the "Summer Camp Island" season 4 episode 'Oscar & His Demon.'

  5. A millipede is named after him

    In 2021, a newly discovered millipede species was named Nannaria McElroyorum in recognition of the McElroy family's podcasts, which entertained the scientists during their fieldwork.

Why We Love Travis McElroy

  1. He has an eclectic aesthetic

    McElroy's aesthetic is hard to describe, though many have tried. Part goth, part cowboy, part dad; whatever it is, he's pulling it off. Why only have one style when we can have many, right?

  2. We cannot tell the brothers apart

    McElroy once admitted to enjoying Steve Carell's "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone" on the podcast. But, we cannot be entirely certain because it could be Justin who said it. Their voices are really similar so it's fun trying to guess who says things, right?

  3. The podcast is about positive vibes

    McElroy and his brothers developed the concept of "no bummers." This means not answering sad or depressing questions. That's why his podcasts are always fun and without bad vibes.

Travis McElroy’s birthday dates

Year Date Day
2022 November 8 Tuesday
2023 November 8 Wednesday
2024 November 8 Friday
2025 November 8 Saturday
2026 November 8 Sunday