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Daphne Guinness's Birthday 2024 – November 9, 2024

Daphne Diana Joan Susanna Guinness, better known as Daphne Guinness, born on November 9, 1967, is an English model, socialite, and fashion designer. She is renowned for her unusual designer clothing and signature sky-high platform shoes. Currently, an exhibition of Guinness’ most striking pieces is on display at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York as a tribute to her sartorial collection. This woman is a force to be reckoned with, and we will help you celebrate her birthday today.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Daphne Diana Joan Susanna Guinness

Birth date:

November 09, 1967


56 years, 7 months

Zodiac Sign:



5' 7.71"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$100.0 million

Daphne Guinness's Social Media:


Daphne Diana Joan Susanna Guinness, popularly known as Daphne Guinness, was born on November 9, 1967. She grew up in country houses owned by her family in England and Ireland. Her father is Jonathan Guinness, third Baron Moyne, the eldest son of Diana Mitford and Bryan Guinness. Mitford was the daughter of David Freeman-Mitford, second Baron Redesdale, the father of the Mitford sisters. Mitford divorced Guinness and married the leader of the British Union of Fascists, Sir Oswald Mosley, sixth Baronet of Ancoats. Daphne Guinness stated she did not know of Mosley’s political affiliations before she heard in 1980 on “B.B.C. News” that he had died.Guinness’s first work in fashion was with Isabella Blow. She has worked with Karl Lagerfeld, NARS, MAC, Akris, Gareth Pugh, and Philip Treacy, artistically, as a model or both. She was a friend of the late fashion designer, Alexander McQueen. Scheduled to model for charity on the runway the day his suicide was announced, Guinness veiled herself in mourning.She designs clothes, jewelry, and perfume. Since 1994, Guinness has been on the International Best Dressed List. In 2010, she was named in Tatler’s top 10 best-dressed list. And in 2011, Guinness created a make-up line for MAC cosmetics. Guinness was photographed by photographer Bryan Adams and featured on the cover of “Zoo Magazine” in 2011. She has walked in two of “Naomi Campbell’s Fashion for Relief” shows to raise funds for disaster victims. In the same vein, in April 2008, she auctioned off part of her wardrobe, with the proceeds going to a struggling British charity called Womankind Worldwide, which deals with women’s issues at home and abroad, such as domestic violence.

Career timeline

The Beginning of Everything

Guinness goes to New York, where her half-sister Catherine is working as a P.A. for Andy Warhol and plans to become an opera singer.

She Meets the Love of Her Life

She meets the Greek shipping billionaire Spyros Niarchos and marries him a year and a half later.

She is Ready to Fly

She gets divorced and notes her experience as a kind of ‘release.’

She Does Charity Work

She auctions off part of her wardrobe, with the proceeds going to a British charity called Womankind Worldwide.

She Starts an Acting Career

Guinness stars in “Shakki,” a short sci-fi fiction directed by Julien Landais.

Daphne Guinness FAQs

Is Daphne Guinness still with Lévy?

Having tolerated this ménage à trois for the past five years, Dombasle has finally put her foot down. Guinness tells Mandrake that Lévy is no longer good for her: “I know a lot of people still think we are a couple, but I am single.”

Who makes Daphne Guinness’ shoes?

Guinness states ‌she takes three or four suitcases with her to the shoot, then whoever the stylist is, will have bits and pieces and it’s a mixture of both.

Do any of the Guinness family still own Guinness?

Although not officially fully taken over, the Guinness family still owns 51% of the brewery. The Guinness Brewery in Park Royal, London closed in 2005. The production of all Guinness sold in the U.K. and Ireland was switched to St. James’s Gate Brewery Dublin.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She is a voracious reader

    She reads books obsessively and loves classical music.

  2. She collaborated with Comme des Garçons

    She collaborated on her own perfume, Daphne, with Comme des Garçons in 2009.

  3. She established a clothing line

    She created her own clothing line, called Daphne, in collaboration with Dover Street Market in 2007.

  4. She faced a divorce rumor

    She is rumored to have received a £20 million settlement from her divorce.

  5. She loves summer holidays

    She used to spend all of her holidays in Spain.

Why We Love Daphne Guinness

  1. She set up a foundation to help with mental illness

    In June 2010, Guinness purchased the entire wardrobe of Isabella Blow, her friend who committed suicide in 2007. The lot was purchased before an auction, which was arranged at Christie's. She later announced that she would display the wardrobe at Central Saint Martins and online, as well as start a foundation to help with mental illness. The official show, titled “Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore,” was set for display in November 2013 at Somerset House in London.

  2. She is a giver

    In February 2013, Guinness, along with Baroness Monica von Neumann and Lynn Ban, donated a collection of her shoes to the Museum at Fashion Institute of Technology's Shoe Obsession exhibit. The Fashion Institute of Technology is a public college in New York City and is part of the State University of New York (SUNY), which focuses on art, business, design, mass communication, and technology connected to the fashion industry. We bet her collection was a great contribution.

  3. She is an innovator

    Guinness designs fashion, jewelry, and perfume for herself when she cannot find exactly what she wants to wear or buy. She stated that she created over 100 pieces in 2010 alone. That's amazing, isn't it?

Daphne Guinness’s birthday dates

Year Date Day
2022 November 9 Wednesday
2023 November 9 Thursday
2024 November 9 Saturday
2025 November 9 Sunday
2026 November 9 Monday