National Keaton Day - Today we celebrate National Keaton Day with individuals named Keaton worldwide. Learn what this mighty name means and how it came to be.

National Keaton Day 2025 – April 15, 2025

National Keaton Day is observed each year on April 15. If you’re anything like us, Michael and Diane Keaton, two well-known actors, were probably the first names that came to mind. However, they are only two members of the extended Keaton family. Keaton is not just a family name; it is occasionally used as a given name. Its origins can be traced back to the Old English county of Ketton, which is a landlocked region and is thought to mean ‘place of hawks.’

History of National Keaton Day

What rhymes like Keaton without the ‘a’, and is an Old English settlement? Ketton county in Rutland is where this family’s story began. Famous actors Michael and Diane Keaton use the surname Keaton, but it can also be a given name, like in the case of professional Canadian ice hockey player Keaton Ellerby. It is a unique name for baby girls and boys, making it gender-neutral.Ketton County has a long history associated with the name Keaton. It is one of the few surnames that derive from Rutland, which alone makes it distinctive. The name is assumed to imply ‘place of hawks’ in Old English. However, this is not entirely confirmed. According to several readings, the word ‘Keaton’ means ‘shed town.’Ketton is a city-parish and a landlocked settlement in Rutland, England. Additionally, it is the county’s fourth-largest settlement. Its name’s etymology is unknown, as is the surname it gave rise to initially. According to researchers, it most likely originated from the River Charter of Ceta. The community takes pride in its cement manufacturing, limestone quarries, and a long line of Keaton ancestors.Keaton was first used and discovered as a surname in Leicestershire, England, with one of the first references being that of Robert of Ketton, now anglicized as Keaton, who was the first person to translate the Qur’an into Latin.Although there aren’t many spelling variations of the name today, there were plenty back when English spelling wasn’t standardized. It had several other monikers, including Keeton, Ketton, Keton, Katyn, and many more.

National Keaton Day timeline

The First in Line

Robert of Ketton is the first recorded individual with the Keaton surname.

Far From England

One of the first settlers from the Keaton family, Thomas Keaton, arrives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Popular Without Words

Joseph Frank ‘Buster’ Keaton is an American comic actor prevalent for his silent films.

Family Ties

The popular comedy "Family Ties" uses the last name ‘Keaton’ for the family.

National Keaton Day FAQs

Is this the only holiday celebrating Buster Keaton?

Even though Buster Keaton is a well-known person with the Keaton surname, National Keaton Day was created for everyone with this name, not only him. Buster Keaton Day, observed annually on June 16, is a separate holiday honoring the actor and his profession.

Is Micheal Keaton Irish?

His mother was of Irish descent, while his father was of Scottish, Scotch-Irish, German and English ancestry.

Are there any girls named Keaton?

Keaton is a name that can be given to either a boy or a girl; however, it is most frequently used for males. 19 of the 383 infants born with the name Keaton as of 2020 were female. Keaton might be the right choice for you if you’re seeking a distinctive, gender-neutral alternative for your daughter.

National Keaton Day Activities

  1. Watch a Keaton-starred movie

    We are all familiar with the well-known performers with the surname Keaton, but as you may have discovered by now, other actors with the same name appeared on our screens earlier. So you can respect these excellent performers by seeing the films they star in, whether you're keeping up with the current or going back a few decades. Find and watch any of these movies online.

  2. Call a friend

    Call your friends and wish them a happy National Keaton Day if their given, last, or even maiden name is Keaton. You may go even further by sending them a message or providing them with a complimentary meal. Spread the word to your family and friends, and ask them to contact any Keatons they may know to start a celebratory chain reaction.

  3. Trace the family tree

    The Keaton family tree is a long historical one, and there are thousands of archives available online to help interested individuals trace this family as far back as they can. Wouldn't it be intriguing to learn how far back your lineage goes if you are a Keaton yourself? With Robert of Ketton, the first record of the surname ever discovered, we've already given you a head start.

5 Interesting Facts About The Name Keaton

  1. Not at the top of the charts

    Keaton is the 2,961st most popular name in the United States.

  2. Micheal Keaton is not a Keaton

    The famous actor Micheal Keaton had to change his original name, Micheal Douglas, to avoid confusion with the then-popular actor, Micheal Douglas.

  3. Diane was not always a Keaton too

    Diane Keaton previously went as Diane Hall until she took her mother’s last name instead because her previous one was already in the ‘Actors Guild.’

  4. The census records

    There are over 25,000 census records available for the last name Keaton.

  5. A trend charter

    Keaton first appeared on the U.S. naming charts in 1985 due to the trend of using last names as first names, alongside names like Keegan and Kelsey.

Why We Love National Keaton Day

  1. It has intriguing roots

    How often do you encounter names with Old English roots as opposed to random ones? Not frequently, we assume. The fact that this holiday has unusual, fascinating, and historical roots is one of its remarkable features.

  2. It’s a star-studded holiday

    When we hear the name Keaton, our thoughts automatically conjure up a host of actors and television personalities. Since this festival honors them all, it attracts celebrities and other well-known people.

  3. It’s mysterious

    To this day, it is unclear whether Keaton means ‘shed town’ or ‘place of hawks.' There is still some ambiguity surrounding the name because researchers haven't been able to conclusively determine what it means.

National Keaton Day dates

Year Date Day
2023 April 15 Saturday
2024 April 15 Monday
2025 April 15 Tuesday
2026 April 15 Wednesday
2027 April 15 Thursday