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Enya Umanzor's Birthday 2025 – January 22, 2025

Enya Umanzor, born January 22, 1999, famously known as Enjajaja is an established Youtuber. Her channel has gathered over 900,000 subscribers since she started her journey. She began her career posting on Vine where she gained popularity with 500,000 followers. She later joined Youtube and started posting videos on makeup, fashion, and beauty content in general. Her first makeup video was about her everyday look and it gathered over 1.2 million views. This is what encouraged her to continue creating similar content. Her recent videos, “Buying my best friend a million-dollar outfit” and “eczema inspired makeup! Hehe” have over 200,000 views and 300,000 views respectively and this makes her amongst the most popular Youtubers of her generation. We are so excited to celebrate this creative and incredible content creator today with you.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Enya Umanzor


Ernie, Enjajaja, Enyuh, Space Candy

Birth date:

January 22, 1999


25 years, 2 months

Zodiac Sign:



5' 6"

Relationship Status:

In a relationship

Net Worth:


Enya Umanzor's Social Media:


Enya Umanzor is popularly known as Enjajaja, which is a staple name in the content creation world. Her charm, charisma, and witty nature have won the hearts of many all over the world, gaining her a huge following on social media. Her loyal followers, the numbers of which increase daily, relate to her creative approach to concepts such as makeup and fashion. Umanzor was born in Miami, Florida on January 22, 1999. She has four siblings, Dontae, Sophia, Natalie, and Leo who she was raised with. On November 20, 2013, she posted her first video on Vine and called it, “This Fandom.” With time, she gathered a massive following of 500,000 on the platform before it crashed and she moved to Youtube.She started her Youtube channel in May 2014, where she would talk about her school life and her family. Her first makeup video was in 2016, where she shared her day-to-day look. The video got over 1.2 million views and this encouraged her to continue creating beauty-related content. Her recent videos, “Buying my best friend a million-dollar outfit” and “eczema inspired makeup! Hehe” have over 200,000 views and 300,000 views respectively and this places her amongst the most popular Youtubers of her generation. Her makeup rants, comedic satire, and day-in-the-life-of vlogs keep people glued to her content and always coming back for more.Umanzor later signed with A3 Artists Agency. This was mainly for her acting career after she got featured on “Stuck,” a Brat series, as the leading role, Fiona. The pilot episode gathered roughly a million views on Youtube and is about a high school student who finds herself going through the same day over and over. She also features in the Youtube series, “Field Trip,” which she wrote and produced for the youth entertainment company, Kyra T.V. Umanzor has teamed up with co-host Drew Philips to kickstart a podcast titled, “Emergency Intercom.”

Career timeline

Her First Vine Video

Umanzor releases her first video on the Vine platform dubbed, “This Fandom.”

She Starts Her Youtube Channel

She launches her Youtube channel with videos about her school life and family.

She Features on Stuck

She lands the leading role on “Stuck,” the Brat series.

She Features on Field Trip

She stars in “Field Trip,” the Youtube series she writes and produces for the youth entertainment company, Kyra T.V.

She Starts a Podcast

She teams up with co-host Drew Philips and they launch a podcast titled, “Emergency Intercom.”

Enya Umanzor FAQs

Is Enya a Honduran?

Budding social media star Enya Umanzor has signed with A3 Artists Agency for representation in all areas. The Honduran, Cuban, and Irish influencer was raised in North Miami, and launched her social career on Vine, having amassed 500,000 followers before the Twitter-owned micro-video platform shut down.

When is Drew Philips's birthday?

Drew Philips was born on March 4, 1998.

Where did Drew Philips go to college?

The University of Akron Athletics.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She loves traveling

    Umanzor loves nature and visiting new places.

  2. Enya means fire

    The name ‘Enya’ is of Irish origin and it means ‘fire.’

  3. She has more than a million followers

    She has gathered a massive following on Instagram of over one million followers.

  4. Her lucky color is turquoise

    Umanzor believes that her lucky color is the ocean’s turquoise.

  5. Her favorite food is cheese fries

    The food she enjoys best is cheese fries and guacamole on the side.

Why We Love Enya Umanzor

  1. She impacts lives positively

    Umanzor understands the power of social media and she uses it for good. She uses the influence she has on her massive following to spread positivity through her comedy and lifestyle videos.

  2. She is family oriented

    She is close to her parents and siblings. Any opportunity she gets, she always wants to spend in the company of her family and loved ones.

  3. She is very bubbly

    She is always cheerful and bubbly. Her free spirit and her charm attract her huge following.

Enya Umanzor’s birthday dates

Year Date Day
2023 January 22 Sunday
2024 January 22 Monday
2025 January 22 Wednesday
2026 January 22 Thursday
2027 January 22 Friday